Welcome to Vidya!


Vidya is a place where you can find Reiki, Magnified Healing, Yoga, Meditation and much more. You can receive the therapies and learn them  – all in English!


Vidya is where you can find:

· healing for body, mind and spirit

· knowledge

· spiritual development

· deep relaxation and stress reduction

· real peace, your inner teacher, light and wisdom.


Patricia Latorre, Reiki & Magnified Healing Master, lived in the US for many years. She returned to Chile to open Vidya and to share her knowledge, therapies and experiences.


In Vidya you can choose private session or workshops , both available for all ages. We’re located in Chicureo – Chile, in a beautiful environment, where the connection with mother earth is so important for healing and human evolution.




E mail: info@reikichicureo.cl


Phone Number:  +569  8- 819 7800